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Monday, 30 June 2014

the Mask

It was a prank. My boyfriend had 5 guys over for the weekend. They call themselves 'Hufters', which roughly translates to bastards. ‎Well, except for the born-outside-of-marriage part. I know nothing about that, nor do I want to know. Anyway, they came over for the weekend and as I am recovering from surgery and can't do any heavy lifting, plus get dizzy all the time, I didn't really want to travel. So I decided to stay.

While the guys can act as bastards (I could give you some examples, but I'd rather not, they'll get back at me), and this was their bastard-weekend, I was expecting hell. Instead, I have thoroughly enjoyed their drunkenness. And I feel like this was how a girls weekend should be as well! ‎I have a problem with girls during a weekend, I love pranks, but girl-pranks usually get mean. I do not like mean pranks.

Back to the story of the picture. Friday night the guys came back at 3am. After listening to their frustrations of not being able to get any food at that point and all kinds of other drunken crap, I got up‎ at 4am because they said they finishing one of the ingredients of their toasties. So I got up and grabbed some from the freezer for them. Then they showed me how one of the guys was sleeping with an eye mask. Which was very, very smart as our living room starts being too light at about 4.30h. Nevertheless, it was very funny.

The next day I got a message from my boyfriend with the request to rub some tigerbalm into the sleeping mask. Two reasons I didn't want to do that: 1) I suspected tigerbalm that close to your eyes leads to ‎a hospital visit late at night. And some stern talking to's directed at me. Maybe even a permanent file on me. 2) we didn't have any. Boyfriend was not happy. I told him to give me some artistic freedom.

So I did this. When they announced around 11pm they were coming home, I know I made the right choice. It's Saturday! Even I don't go to bed that early on a Saturday night! So I suggested some tea to them and offered to teach them how to crochet. If you want to behave as an elderly lady, you better do it right!‎ Anyway, when they finally saw the sleeping mask, they were quite amused.

The next morning, after they packed their stuff and the mask was still on the table, I reminded him not to forget it. Which is when I found out he borrowed the mask from my boyfriend... haven't decided yet whether I'm gonna make him wear it, or keep it for myself. Either way, I don't regret a thing!

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