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Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Wedding cake toppers

Two years ago, friends of us got married. The now-mrs is very creative, so I wasn't surprised she was making a lot herself. I was surprised however when she asked me to make her wedding cake toppers. I mean, I crochet a lot and I give plenty of crocheted toys to babies, but they usually don't care how something looks. The only thing that counts for them is bright colours. And wedding cake toppers feels like kind of a big thing... So I felt really honoured when she asked me! And of course I said yes!
She gave the easiest assignment ever. She found the pattern she wanted, she ordered the yarn, made sure I had everything I needed, so the only thing I needed to do was crochet. Which is my favorite part anyway.
The pattern was much easier than I expected and I finished well in time. The bride finished the beaks and feet herself, so I really had an easy job there. But I still had a lot of yarn left. The bridesmaid and master of ceremony were very close friends as well, so I asked them if the bride and groom could use anything else as surprise and I ended up crocheting lots of little flowers for their guests. The good thing about that was I could do it anywhere. Including the swimming pool! Which I gladly did of course.
We had shortly before moved to the UK, had to renew my as-good-as-expired-passport (it took a bit longer than I expected) and I was starting my new job the same week as the wedding, so unfortunately I didn't make it to the wedding in the end. It made me only happier to know part of me was there anyway in such a prominent place!

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